GD Somani Memorial School

GD Somani Marg

Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

8.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Monday to Friday

GD Somani Memorial School

Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

8.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Monday to Friday

Welcome to Mélange Total 5 2018

On July 7th and 8th 2018, we will be hosting Mélange Total 5, our annual interschool cultural festival, for the 8th consecutive year at G.D. Somani Memorial School. This inter-school event, which literally means an amalgam of 5 mega events, is organised and executed entirely by students of our school and has seen active participation from schools across Mumbai with 21 schools participating at the 7th edition of Melange Total 5 last year.

Spread across two full days, Mélange Total 5 2018 will see about 2500 students from 22 schools around Mumbai participating. The 5 main events this year – Musical Masquerade, Hybrid, Smash Art Cauldron, Venture, Charisma – comprise 22 sub-events including Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Fine Arts and General Skills.

Our event line-up this year:

Musical Masquerade

Break A Leg: A 3-5 minute open dance event

Tamasha: A 3-5 minute improv act where participants are given a movie whose ending they have to change

A-Kord: An antakshari-style event for 2 participants, with a Mélange twist

Ritual Wave: A dance event requiring participants to fuse two diverse dance styles with songs from completely opposite genres

Fortissimo: A 3-5 minute medley performance

Step Up 20: A fusion of at least 3 street dancing styles

Runway Ready: Participants have to walk the ramp depicting a TV show/web series

Glazba: Group singing, Bollywood style. Mashups totally allowed


Turning The Tables: A 2-round debate, featuring a turncoat round to open with

The Theory Of Everything: A quiz event, with written and traditional rounds, based on general knowledge and current affairs

Minute To Win It: A Mélange version of J.A.M where participants have a minute to speak non-stop on any topic

No Bake Yummy Cake: A cooking contest with a difference where participants can make anything, as long as it looks like a cake, without cooking

Smash Art Cauldron

Komikos: Where participants have to sketch a comic based on a movie/tv show quote

Art Attack: An acrylic painting competition. 2 participants, 2 hours, 1 object

Tech Art: Players have to make 2D or 3D models marrying art and technology

Comic Con: Participants make costumes for comic book characters using only waste materials


Finesse: Time to play ball in teams of 5 each

Trail To Chase: A treasure hunt in true Mélange style

Handball: Teamwork meets skills in this traditional handball competition


Talent Video: A competition allowing individual participants to show off their skills in glorious video

Grooming Workshop: A 2-day workshop on personality development and grooming

Mélange Total 5: Interviews on Day 1, followed by a 3-round competition on Day 2 including Ramp Walk, Talent Showcase and Question-Answer Round

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