GD Somani Memorial School

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GD Somani Memorial School

Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

8.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Monday to Friday

Distance learning at G.D. Somani Memorial School

At G.D. Somani Memorial School, we have always discouraged the use of devices for our students. Our approach to learning has been to facilitate independent thinking and adaptability in our students. However, when Covid-19 started to make its presence felt all over the world, resulting in lockdowns and shutdowns, we ourselves needed to adapt quickly to this new reality.

After a lot of thought and careful planning, we decided to implement a distance learning program for our students to ensure they are able to continue their educational journey. Our principal and teachers came together to set up a program that allows students to not only continue learning but also maintain their social relationships, even from a distance.

Our distance learning program has been very well received by students and also by our parent community and we are very grateful to these parents and students who’ve shared their experiences with us.

I wanted to thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for Daksh and his entire class! It’s so difficult to handle these little kids. So much of hard work you put in day after day to make this all possible. Thank you for everything. We’re so lucky that Daksh has you as a teacher and is studying with a great school like G.D.Somani! You all have made such a huge effort positive impact during these tough time and I can’t thank you enough. Session with Respected Principal was so insightful and positive.

Current situation of COVID-19 is an unexpected danger for the entire humanity! We all are seeing this kind of situation for the first time in our lifetime! Whether we express it or not, we are all very much stressed. And in this situation, our school has started online classes and engaged our kids in learning, that is a remarkable step in itself. Due to these online classes, we parents are also realising the real nature and way of teaching of all the teachers! And feeling happy that our kids future is in the right and responsible hands. We parents can provide all the facilities to our kids but we can’t impose life teachings on them overnight. That should be done in a strategic way by their teachers only. And we are happy that all teachers are doing it very well. We are thankful for this remarkable work and we should give all the credit to our visionary team leader Shri Brian Seymour, Hon’ble Principal of GD Somani Memorial School. We all are fortunate that we have a great team leader like you. Lots of thanks to all the lovely teachers, staff and school management.
Pranjali Borlepwar & Dr Narendra Borlepwar

A thank you to all teachers, Principal and coordinators for the hard work and effort to put up the online school for our kids. It has been an enriching journey from primary to secondary standard and see the kids transform to the contemporary schooling methods. A special thank you to Vaishali miss for being extremely patient and making us (both parents and children) so comfortable and take us easily to the new classroom. We have enjoyed all the activities and subjects sitting at home and still being at school. The classes of PE , yoga , art and craft have been sunshine classes where kids have no extra curricular activities and the school organises this also through Zoom. Thank you once again.
Nematullah Poonawala

“Take everyday as it comes”… had heard this saying many a times. Experiencing it now on all aspects of life. The best relatable experience I came across in this distress time was of the teachers of our prestigious school. A lot of hard work must have been put up to take online classes with children whom they haven’t interacted or met before. Each teacher whether it was English, Maths, Science, Home Science, Art, Craft or P.T. they all met challenges but made the online classes fun and intersting for our children. Making them utmost comfortable, disciplining them, sharing documents as they didn’t have text books all these experiences have been a learning for them too. Hats off to the educators who have timely taken up classes and made our children busy and utilising the time correctly. Answering the children’s questions and parents issues. The motivational talk by the Principal was cherry on the cake. It’s always to good to hear a word from the principal. Thank you Sir. We as parents appreciate all the efforts and salute you all. Wishing the best and safe time for your family always.
Shravya Gupta

Today it was real pleasure to have an interactive session with Principal sir and you. Also we were introduced to our abilities and were advised on how we shall use our time and spare it for our family whom we are barely able to talk to when we have a busy schedule. Having a conversation with Principal sir was very overwhelming and also I hope that all the wishes we made come true soon… everybody suffering through this disease recovers soon and yes of course the most awaited of all times those school days are back very soon.

I think this was a great initiative taken by the school. It really helped people get their messages across to each other… such a motivating speech was really needed in these difficult and trying times. I also wanted to thank all our teachers who are taking out their precious time to teach us students so we can learn during this period of lockdown. Also wanted to thank Principal sir who is trying his best to make our last year as memorable as possible.
Mohna Gupta

It was a wonderful experience interacting with our mentor and guide Seymour Sir in the lockdown days. With his kind and motivating words, he has inspired me in these gloomy days to stay at home, abide by the lockdown laws and help the needy. He is also guiding us to be more independent and pray for the humankind.
Raghav Vashishtha

My Kids, Veer Jhaveri & Anaya Jhaveri, are having a Gala time attending these classes and in fact look forward to attending them. The online aspect really amazes them. We really appreciate this initiative of online classes taken up by the school. The teachers have been really great in conducting and managing such classes. Since this lock down started and activities curtailed, kids were getting bored and got too much into television and computer games. Now my kids are positively engaged in these classes. Hats off & special thanks to the Principal, Teachers & School Management for taking this initiative.

We would like to thank you for the special initiative undertaken to conduct the school classes over Zoom sessions during this academic year. This has enabled online learning by the pupils without any loss of time during such difficult moments. We are sure this must have taken a lot of efforts for the entire team of teachers to train themselves and conduct classes in such a seamless manner, which is commendable. While this is helping the students to cope up with the studies in a timely manner. Wish to thank everyone for the excellent efforts taken to continue conducting school for the benefit of children. Thank you once again.
Peenal & Manish Shah (Krisha M Shah’s parents)

The current pandemic has changed the ways of the world we have been used to. So it was no surprise that we adapted the new trend in education too. Our school G.D Somani introduced online education to the kids since April 2020. We are glad it started, because that was the only link between kids their teachers and friends. A breakthrough amongst the boredom and panic. The curriculum in April and June was planned keeping in mind the overall development of the students. As a parent I am extremely delighted, because the school is not speeding the portion, and keeping it as calm as possible. There were few parents who were concerned about the eye health of their kids , looking into the matter the principal immediately cut down on class duration.
Mugdha Dixit

G.D. Somani teachers on a daily basis are doing an incredible work of teaching and adapting in the changing environment. All this while keeping your students best interest at heart. I would like to Thank all the teachers (Alka miss, Farida miss, Gurinder miss, Mini miss, Sangita miss) for supporting and fostering students learning through providing continued lessons, activities, videos and more. I also appreciate Art, Craft, Yoga, P.E and Home science. Thank you for ensuring that your students Learning and Emotional needs are met and doing all that you can help them to navigate through this challenging times. Your hard work is greatly appreciated and is not going unnoticed. You all are doing incredible job 👍!!
Falguni Kankal

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude towards all the faculty at G.D. Somani school . The professional approach , seamless execution of all the online classes conducted by them are truly commendable. Even in these testing times , their effort and dedication only reiterates the principle of learning and education being a continuous and ongoing process ! Many congratulations to them once again !!!
Dr Rajshree Sangitrao

With the schools closed due to the coronavirus, many individuals are recognizing the vast amount of work educators do. From teaching to supporting individuals with social and emotional learning, educators go the extra mile to create meaningful learning experiences for students. From start April until now, I’ve watched teachers work tirelessly to shift to remote teaching and learning. Many educators took on learning how to utilize technology to reach their students, despite not having used technology too often prior to the coronavirus pandemic. I watched them push past their fears and embrace a growth mindset along the way. Fortunately, they weren’t alone. Many of parents and students across have supported.

6A kids are being taught in a very engaging way using real life examples, relevant videos and other effective techniques. Alka miss, Farida miss, Mini miss, Sangita miss, Gurinder miss and all the teachers put best of their efforts in making kids understand the concepts. I appreciate the yoga, P.E. and home science experiential learning. I understand that this period is equally challenging for school and teachers who have home bound responsibilities then also they take out time and come with a smile every morning. Thanks for giving students an opportunity to keep learning in these testing times🙏🏻.
Shikha Joshi

I want to really thank you for all the efforts taken by principal and our school teachers. Really appreciated. All files sent by teachers are really helpful for better understanding. Once again, thank you to all teachers for giving best efforts
Bhav Doshi

One of the biggest challenge for parents during this critical situation (COVID 19) was how to keep our kids engaged as they were feeling upbeat .We all were in an unfamiliar situation and had no clue of how to deal with it but your long hours and hard work of introducing Zoom is helping children continue their learning. A great appreciation to all our teachers who are making an extra effort by sending videos and slides.
Khushbu Shah

Std 6th wants to really thank you for all the efforts taken by you and our school teachers. Really appreciated😊. All online classes and all PDFs sent by teachers are really helpful for better understanding of topics. Once again thank you.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of the school but a sincere thanks to the efforts of our beloved Principal Sir Shri B.D Seymour, all the teachers and the coordinators who have undoubtedly worked very hard in ensuring the continuity of the academic session 2020-21 of the school through the online medium. Even though there is no precedent for conducting classes through this medium in our school, yet our teachers are conducting these classes, managing the children and interacting with them in a way where the children not only learn the subject matter but also take responsibility of their own studies. It is indeed heartening to see how all the subject teachers put in so much of effort to impart knowledge to the children. In these recent times the pandemic has tested everyone’s patience. The virus conditions have been unexpected for all generations, something no one has ever dealt with before. In these challenging times, I would sincerely appreciate the efforts that have been taken by our School Principal and the teaching staff. I was initially skeptical about how things would turn out as an online learning platform like Zoom was a totally new concept, but a call from the principal Mr B.D. Seymour drained all the question of doubt. Regular conversations with the class teacher Ms. Komal ensured that Zoom would be a suitable platform for online classes as the school was taking adequate steps to ensure the safety and privacy of my child.
Kudos to the teaching staff.

The Online classes have been a wonderful experience for us. The personal attention and interest that you deliver and every single kid gets a chance to answer and if they are not able to the efforts you take for them to learn and speak up by themselves is a lesson in parenting…. You don’t spoonfeed our kids you actually make them independent in learning which will boost their confidence… Thank you for teaching me this technique… ..I agree to the fact that kids are still not accustomed to this kind of method as its a task for us to get them ready on time or even to get the homework done.. But this is the need of the hour… But once he sits for the class, he is enjoying it.
Rushay Mehta

Really appreciate all your hard work and efforts day after day for all online classes. Hardik was really excited to see all Didis back. Thank you for the worksheets, creative art activities and the super energizing PE videos. This schedule has given a routine and discipline for the day. Thank you for creating a fun and safe educational environment for our child! You have made such a positive impact on our child’s life and we can’t thank you enough.
Kanti and Sanjay Mohite.

I would really like to Thank each and every faculty member to take initiative for conducting classes online in this difficult pandemic situation. Yes, I agree that it is little different kind of teaching than the classroom scenario. Nevertheless online teaching has helped our children to be at par with the grade level expectations. The new format of conducting online classes is replicable to normal school timings. And also by keeping the kids engaged not only with academic but by adding sessions like Gym/P.E, Art & Music. Each session is well planned with regular intervals which helps the kids to remain focus for the upcoming class. I truly appreciate that teachers are keeping a keen eye & observe our children during the online class.

3 Responses to “Distance learning at G.D. Somani Memorial School”

  • Abhishek Mithani /

    Due to the current CoViD 19 outbreak, our school has been practicing online teaching methods on video conferencing apps like Zoom since about 4 months.
    The experience I’ve had with the school and it’s online sessions has been spectacular.
    These sessions are not only fun but also interactive. The teachers are open to doubts and make sure that our doubts are well addressed to. They frequently also take longer classes for clearing our doubts.
    The teachers have managed to adapt very well with the current situation and have also managed to spread knowledge to us young minds in such trying times.
    To enhance the online experience between the teacher and student, our school’s teachers have been teaching us not only with the white boards at their houses, but also ppts and specially curated notes for us.
    Our class teacher, Mrs. Gurinder along with other subject teachers like Mrs. Alka, Mrs. Basu, Mrs. Preeti, Mr. Omkar, Mrs. Anuradha, Mrs. Neelam, Mrs. Tarun, Mrs. Jyoti, Mr. Desai and Mrs. Prabha have been very active on class groups and have also made sure that we children grow not only grow in academics but also in extra curriculars.
    Our school has not only hosted online SUPW and PE classes for increasing our interest in art and sports but has also organized webinars with huge and prestigious institutes like the Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE) and Nehru Planetarium for our overall development.
    Our principal, Mr.B.D Seymour has played a vital role in organizing these classes and bringing them to fruition. He has also conducted many interactive sessions with us students and has educated us as to how we should utilize our time in the pursuit of knowledge and how we should see these trying times as a boon and not a bane.
    It is highly appreciated that our school’s highly spirited principal, Mr.B.D Seymour along with the school management has taken such a wonderful initiative for our overall growth and development. I am sure that these difficult roads too will lead to beautiful destinations in the future.
    Abhishek Mithani

  • 9A /

    Sir i CANNOT EXPRESS MY FEELINGS…I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY BLESSED SIR…..I am studying in such an environment where i feel soooo happy & blessed studying with such highly educated teachers….sir may god bless you abundantly…i pray & hope nobody from our GD FAMILY gets infected ….i am so thankful to GOD SIR THAT I GOT A PRINCIPAL LIKE YOU!!!!! NO OTHER SCHOOL IS WORKING SOOOOOO HARD! BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD♥♥♥♥♥I AM IN LOVE WITH THE ONLINE CLASSES YOU HAVE STARTED…I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE THE BESTTT PRINCIPAL & 1 OF THE BEST CLASS TEACHERS,Mrs Gurinder Kaur
    …sir what do i say…no words….she is an amazzzzzzzzzzing lady…..with a golden heart…..all r professionals in your school sir☺…feeling blessed…gods grace…also mrs alka thakur….she is a gem of a person….she collects sooooo much material for our better understanding…really proud of youll…mrs anuradha is sooo open for doubts…anytime u can contact her….its really a very good gesture by all of them….i would thank the school,management & staff…on behalf of class 9A…thank you sir for getting in the best quality of education by the best teachers…and i am soo happy that you motivate us through your assembly…sir i would want you to conduct more assemblies…would be really appreciated because it motivates us & keeps us sooooo positive during such times…i take this opportunity to thank everyone!
    Student of 9A

  • Prisha Wagh 8B /

    I am extremely glad to be a part of GD Somani Memorial School. I am proud to say that my school has conducted the online classes extremely well. Our class teacher Ms Komal Chawla is not only an excellent teacher but also a wonderful person. I would also like to thank all my other subject teachers who are putting in a lot of effort and making sure that we continue to learn just as well as we were when we were in school. As always the teachers are teaching us concepts in the best of ways and are making the classes are very interactive which makes learning fun. I would take this opportunity to thank our dear and very respected Principal Sir for ensuring that we continue our learning process in the finest of ways. Thank you Sir and a special thanks to all my teachers ! ❤️❤️

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