Message from the Principal's Desk

PrincipalDear Parents,

Today's education system faces a greater challenge in terms of imparting the right knowledge and the apt experience that blends to create wonderful young successful students.

G.D. Somani had adopted a pedagogy that caters to the constant changing challenges both in society and place of work. We are concentrating on the all round development of our children and going a step further, by instilling in them the power of thinking which is a positive characteristic that helps the child to progress in whichever situation he may be.

Our focus is defining and achieving a desirable future for our children.

We plan to arm the student community with appropriate skills and opportunities that would create within them the power to introspect and become great achievers in life.

At GDSMS we continuously equip teachers with simple yet innovative learning strategies that will help them to teach more effectively and generate the power of learning in a student.

Meeting the desires of our students we plan to move ahead with time and energy i.e. effective planning.

We realize that our students possess a unique combination of multiple intelligence and therefore do not hesitate to give them the best opportunity to explore their talents and skills.

Molding their behavior through activities and verbal instructions we plan to create a difference in our children.

To achieve these ends new audio and visual teaching aides and innovative motivational workshops are being regularly conducted for our teachers so that they would inculcate these educational values into our children.

Our teachers play the pivotal role in creating this difference. We wish our children and parents wonderful years ahead.

Mr. B.D. Seymour

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The Principal will grant interviews to parents on Wednesday and Friday between 9-00 a.m. to 11-00 a.m., only.

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The co-ordinators and teachers of the Primary and Secondary section will be available between 2.05 pm. to 2.25 p.m. on working days (except Friday)

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