The Library

The school has an extensive library with structural segregation of primary and secondary. The School library is open from 7.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and on first and third Saturdays from 8.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., so that the children have direct access to reading books, periodicals and reviews. The library will be closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

Audio Visual Education :

Audio-visual education is an integral part of the school programme, which supplements learning through charts, slides, films etc. to provide a more meaningful and active learning experience. To develop proficiency in activities like elocution and dramatics, modern air-conditioned audio-visual centres, equipped with the latest technology have been installed to enhance the learning process.

Excursions, Field Trips and Tours :

To enrich the school curriculum, field trips and excursions are planned for the pupils throughout the year. Educational tours are planned out of Mumbai during the year. These trips are compulsory for all students, and they will be assessed on the written projects during the camps.


Well-equipped and modernized laboratories are available for standard V and above. All experiments will be performed under the supervision of teachers and lab assistants.

Damage to any lab property will be borne by the pupils concerned. All rules must be observed during use of the laboratories.

Computer Labs:

Computer education programmes are the need of the hour and are being conducted as part of the school curriculum in air-conditioned computer laboratories with software/hardware being updated from time to time.

Guidance Services - Personal Counseling:

Students requiring special attention are referred to the school psychologist or a specialist as recommended. Close monitoring and timely guidance throughout the year is provided to all such students with the co-operation of the psychologist, specialist, parents and staff to bring the child to the required level.

School Canteen

To provide wholesome nutritious food for the children the school runs a canteen during school hours. High standards of cleanliness and hygiene are observed and a wide selection of snacks and meals are served daily.

The school is divided into four Houses.

House Colour
Satya Blue
Abhay Green
Vinay Red
Nyaya Yellow

Pride, unity and a healthy spirit of competition is encouraged among the houses in all fields of activity.
Each of these houses have their office bearers, who help to maintain discipline, planning and organising school programmes.

The School Magazine

The Editorial Board of G. D. Somani Memorial School takes a keen interest in the publication of GDS Times. Regular contribution in English, Hindi besides a regular update of the school activities, are the highlight of this bi-annual magazine.

The Outlook

"The adventure of the human mind."
We may be hemmed in geographically, but every generation stands on the frontiers of the mind. Pioneering global ideas can be achieved by anyone who explores these opportunities. We provide these opportunities by opening new avenues in the fields of :


The G. D. Somani Memorial School is proud of the success of the students in the examinations. The high standard of the school is reflected in the large number of students going on to higher education.
Outstanding success in the ICSE examination places our institution amongst the leading schools in the city.
Enhancing the development of the person as a whole, the school recognises the wider achievements of students in a variety of ways throughout the year. Special awards and merit certificates are presented on the Annual Day.




Computer Lab



Basket Ball Court

Cricket Court

Football Field