Achievers 2013:-

Investiture Ceremony & Prize Distribution:-

Visit to Indian Naval Ship Beas War Ship:-

The students of std.-IX had an opportunity to visit the INS(Indian Naval Ship)BEAS on 27th Nov.2011.It was so thrilling and blood pumping! All the weaponry and the technology used in modern warfare are just so amazing, which is equipped in every Indian War Ship. The ship weighted almost 4000 T and was 144m long! It is equipped with Anti Aircraft guns, mini machine guns and anti missile guns. They gave us various demonstrations like how the LMG gun is used and how a helicopter is landed, for real they did it! They showed us how men are transported between two moving ships. This event took place because the Navy week is going on; it is the 276th anniversary of the Indian Naval Dockyard. It was a mind blowing experience.

Diwali socials-MELANGE:-

Melange our annual diwali party was a rocking affair .students enjoyed various games and activities with fun filled dancing.


GD Somani school bid adieu to its awesome batch of 2011-12 .a rocking party was hosted by class ix to show their love and appreciation to class x.

Annual Aquatic Meet:-

GD Somani hosted its annual aquatic meet 2011-12 at Command Swimming Pool ,Navy Nagar Colaba.Swimming records were set up and our children showcased their swimming skills.

Culminating Activity:-

On 20th October 2011 students of class 2 presented their culminating programme, the theme for which was "Importance of plants". The students explained the need for plants and various activities were performed to enhance the knowledge on plants.

On 26th August 2011 students of class 3 presented their culminating programme on "Water" by sharing the story of a water droplet and thus making one realize the importance of water. Hands on and fun activities were performed for the same.

Dandiya at GD Somani:-

Navratri was welcomed by the school by organizing a dandiya programme for the primary section.Students was dressed in eye catching costumes. Teachers and students danced to the lively beats of dandiya.

Know your country - GUJARAT:-

Students of class 4D represented the state of "Gujarat - The land of legends". They brought into sensation the brilliant blend of arts, culture and lifestyle of people of Gujarat. It was a spectacular performance by the students.

Know your country - KERALA:-

Students of class 3A represented "Kerala –Gods own Country" beautifully and smoothly covering the famous Kathakali dance, food, places of interest, art and crafts. The simplicity of this state was showcased by this presentation.

Know your country - JAMMU AND KASHMIR:-

Students of class 4A presentated the state of "Jammu and Kashmir - The Paradise on Earth". The folk dances, historical temples, aromatic rich food, music and handicrafts were delightfully presented. It was an absorbing performance.

Know your country - PUNJAB:-

Students of class 3B represented "Punjab -Land of 5 rivers" the most colorful state. Students put their heart and soul to represent the dresses, dances, mouth watering food and holiday destinations in Punjab. This presentation was truly a treat to watch.

Pet Day:-

This day was devoted to pets and it gave students a chance to learn more about animals. Parents volunteered whole heartedly.

Social Service Month:-

In the month of October class 3 visited WGU (Women's Graduate union). There they interacted with children of different age groups creating a collaborative environment. They distributed bath towels and a tube of tooth paste per child to inculcate the habit of personal hygiene. Chocolates and gifts were also distributed to create the bond of love.

In this month class 4 visited Pavement School, The Old Men's Home, Sacred Home and The shelter. Our students encouraged the inmates to dance and sing with them which brought smiles to their face. They distributed the much needed toiletries, groceries and fruits as well as goody bags and chocolates at these places.

Visit to City Bakery:-

Students of class 3 visited the CITY BAKERY at Worli where they learnt various baking process. The workers at the bakery shared their recepies with the students.